Things to do in Las Vegas

Iconic Las Vegas sign My family has started a yearly Las Vegas trip tradition. My father, two sisters and I go to Vegas every year for four days to gamble, see some shows and eat as much food as possible.  A few years back, we started exploring the other activities that there are that don’t involve gambling or drinking.  Las Vegas is an excellent travel destination, even for those who

10 Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Madden when I took her to Minnesota I love to travel (obviously), and I love my dog.  So naturally bringing my dog with me on my travels is the best of both worlds.  I have a female French Bulldog named Madden.  She has been travelling with me since she was a small puppy.  After almost nine years of bringing her along with me on my travels is a breeze.  She

Tid Bits of Buenos Aires

Statue in Recoleta Cemetary I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina this past August for my full time MBA program.  We were there consulting for various nonprofit organizations assisting them with their business plans and branding.  It was an amazing experience filled with company visits and meetings.  While there was little downtime, I did get to experience a little of the Argentinian culture.  Here are some of my favorite things from

10 Tips on How To Enjoy Your Solo Vacation

Follow my blog with Bloglovin People can choose to travel solo for a variety of reasons. Whatever you reason is solo travel is amazing.  Everyone should experience a solo trip at least once in your life, but after your first solo trip I can’t be held responsible if you ditch everyone and only go on vacation alone. Here are my top ten tips for having a successful solo vacation. Stay

Solo in Scotland Part 2 – Edinburgh

I’ve decided that when I retire, I am going to live in Edinburgh. This city charmed me, through the wonderful people and all it has to offer. I took the train from Glasgow in the early morning to Edinburgh, it was a quick train ride across the beautiful countryside.  When you get to the train station in Edinburgh, don’t make the same mistake I did.  In my excitement to be

Solo in Scotland Part 1 – Glasgow Blog

View of Glasgow University near Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow Scotland My first solo trip, and I say first even though I haven’t been on another one because it definitely won’t be the last one, was to Scotland.  I got this crazy idea that I would run a half marathon in Glasgow after only dabbling in road races before and having surgery on my meniscus.  In fact, my longest run prior

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